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Biopolyethylene Biopolyethylene is a sealant film made from sugar cane molasses. Achieved industry-leading 59% blending ratio.
Lip Tainer Lip Tainer is an ecology-minded lightweight, sturdy and rust-proof form of packaging designed for easy treatment and recycling.
Cardboard furniture · POP Because it is made of cardboard, it can be folded compactly and carried, easy to assemble. It is easy to discard after use.

Consideration for ease of use

Microwave pouches These specially patented products are microwave safe and excellent for steaming foods. They enhance the inherent taste of foods.
Easy opening series Process the opening for easy opening by hand for anyone . We propose a method suitable for the material.
Non-slip series Non-slip finish by special treatment for enable opening with wet hands. With a rich variety of additional features, the non-slip series can be used with water, oil or even soap.

Variety rich product development

Laminated sheets for molded products Laminate sheet for molded products with various functions added. In particular, containers for miso paste also handle standardized molded items.
Clear box It is a high quality clear box with few whole process integrated production in Japan.
Cardboards, carton boxes and cushions We manufacture cardboard and paper products such as industrial goods, food products, gifts, displays, display materials, cushioning materials, trays and so on.

Special original function

Kapolaγ(gamma) Kapolaγ is a laminate packaging material that suppresses yellowing of materials, odor generation, and deterioration of sealing strength due to irradiation.
Kapola UV cut film Blocking 98% of the ultraviolet range of 200 to 400 nm. Ideal for medical exteriors, infusion bags and cosmetics.
VCI Excellent anti-rust effect on iron and iron alloys. This is a film coated on the inside with a volatile rust inhibitor.

High quality staple products

ATAC Vacuum-metalized film with high barrier function and strong adhesion. There are few residues at incineration.
LIP PACK The Lip Pack comes in various shapes cut with a Thomson processing as well as laser-trimmed packaging which improved easy opening. These products also considers ease of use.
Seal labels Planning and production a wide range of seal labels from general labels to shrink labels for various fields spanning from medical use to cosmetics, food and industrial products.

In addition, various handled products

Lenses Produce lenses from the proposal of various kinds of optical parts with high quality and affordable prices as main products.
Plum wine Offer high quality and tasty plum wine carefully selected from the brewery, with a select assortment.
Shampoo Shampoo, conditioner, etc., we are dealing with high quality hair care products of professional-use.