Package your vision

Packaging your ideals and imagination.
We are the Meiwa Pax Group.

We are a group dealing with comprehensive packaging materials that provide every package you want.
However, it is not just a corporate group that simply provides things.
To various themes such as wanting to promote the company's products more attractively, to make the business which is currently going to be more efficient, to fulfill the expansion to overseas, by combining the power of group companies with individuality, we can package and offer our own solutions.
Beyond the traditional domain of "packaging", more closely to customers, to a business partner that can make a big contribution.
We will continue to challenge new value creation with the strength of the group's cooperation.


Package your


Imaging strategy to boost product appeal.

Package your


Logistics reform to eliminate waste of packaging and delivery processes.

Package your


Tight cooperation that flexibly supplements
the necessary resources now.

Package your


Global expansion to win new customers.

In order to realize the purpose of our customers,
we flexibly collaborate individual strengths and spin out our own value.
That's why there is a solution that we can only do.

The power of group companies that are professionals in each field of packaging creates even greater power by multiplication rather than simple addition.
We have focused on that possibility and have been transforming ourselves now to evolve to a group company that realizes further organic collaboration.
It all began with the need from customers.
We are trying to realize a package solution that can only be done by deepening our ties while trying to find the best solutions by coordinating the power of individual companies and trial and error.