Group collaboration

Possible to make the best proposal by organizing a system flexibly according to customer's needs.

The Meiwa Pax Group can offer unique answers to customers' various requests.
The first reason is that we are a group of professional companies that can handle a wide range of product areas. And the second reason is flexible collaboration ability.
To the orders of requests, we first constructed a project structure that enables optimum response according to its contents.
Under the careful planning by professional staff, we will realize the best proposal by combining the strengths of group companies from research, development to production.

Corresponds to a wide range of product fields with group power

Flexible Packaging Field

Lead the world with outstanding technical power such as lamination, coat processing prepress etc.

By treating the surface of flexible packaging material, we can realize various functions and can provide customers with high added value.
We possess technologies that other companies can not realize, such as having the world's only innovative equipment "Continuous Vacuum Metallizing Machine" that continuously conducts a vacuum deposition process to form a metal layer on the film surface.
In addition, it has technology to stack lamination processing of many layers according to the application speedily and at low cost.

The world's only continuous vacuum metallizing machine
Blown Film Extrusion Machine

Paper Products Field

Flexibly utilize the latest CAD software to reliably respond to customers' packaging needs.

Packaging products such as corrugated cardboard and paperware that play a part of the group. Select various CAD software according to the application, plan and develop more precise and accurate packaging materials by assembly sequence drawing, storage member, collective packaging cardboard buffer design etc. We aim to realize 100% correspondence to customer's order.

Design of storage packaging
Design of storage packaging

Seal Label Printing Field

We actively respond to new special printing, realizing high-quality label making as the face of products.

We manufacture a wide variety of labels from general labels to attention labels, MF labels, automobile stickers, correction labels and shrink labels. Printing machines are widely deployed according to printed materials such as letterpress printing, offset printing, flexo printing, silk screening, etc. It also supports on-demand printing for small lot. We propose printing methods, materials and specifications according to customer's purpose and cost.

Shrink label capable of foil stamping (cold foil)

Standard Pouch Field

More than 100,000 kinds of standard pouch products are prepared mainly in food field.

Creating an original standard pouches suitable for packaging contents. Its fields range from foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, industrial goods, electronic materials and so on to the number of top items in the industry. Among them, the food field, which occupies a large share of the market, covers most foods products such as confectionery, retort foods, frozen foods, health foods, agricultural products, and beverages.

Clear Box Field

Establishing technology beyond the times one after another.

Continue to challenge the realization of new technologies, has achieved a number of results. High saturation of photographic printing by combination of offset printing and silkscreen printing, and soft ruled line called "Shinko soft line" are realized.
Moreover the strengths of our superior technology and production system that draws a line with other companies, such as development of one-touch automatic bonding machine for PP clearbox.