Functions of group

Eleven unique companies that exert unique strengths in multiple fields centering on package solutions are the source of group value.

Meiwa Pax Co., Ltd.
Through innovative flexible packaging products, make your life more comfortable.
Meiwa Pax is trying to make new flexible packaging materials from the viewpoint of inhabitants and advanced technology. We will continue to develop innovative products such as microwave safe packaging that can be pressurized and heated cooked as it is and packaging refilling that focuses on ease of use to support a more comfortable lifestyle.
Meiwa Sansho Co., Ltd.
We respond to diverse needs regarding standard pouch with a wide lineup.
Meiwa Sansho is a general trading company aiming to become share number one in the industry of standard bag products. The field of products handled extends not only to foods, but also to every field in the life, from pharmaceuticals, electronic parts, sanitary goods, industrial and agricultural supplies, clothing and everyday items.
Tamapack Co., Ltd.
Holds original know-how that can respond to the special needs of manufacturers.
Tamapack handles a wide range of packaging materials around cardboard, we can respond finely to special needs such as cushioning material design of precision equipment and also simulate loading efficiency optimization. We also have the function of acting on behalf of customers to exports and imports.
Sunpack Corp.
Total coordinator to meet all packaging needs.
Sunpack has the support ability to comprehensively provide packaging materials and promotional materials, etc. throughout Kyushu. Our strength is that we can prepare optimal solutions that match customer's issues such as quality, cost and delivery time. We have our own equipment and technology regarding the manufacture of paperwares and labels.
Shinko Kasei Co., Ltd.
We are a professional technical group on clear boxes.
Shinko Kasei is a specialized manufacturer of clear boxes capable of producing only a few all processes in Japan. We succeeded in developing the printing and bonding technology of PP materials harmless to the environment, development of one-touch automatic bonding machine for clearbox, etc. We have gained a great reputation for its unique technology from many points.
Royal Meiwa Pax Co., Ltd.
Located in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, it is a core group base in Asia.
Established as a joint venture company with Royal Can Industries Co., Ltd., a major Thai can maker, and Meiwa Pax Co., Ltd..
Royal Meiwa Pax is equipped with rotary gravure printing machine, dry lamination machine, bag making machine, etc., and manufactures packaging materials for foods, medicines, electronic materials, cosmetics and so on.
From Vietnam, which develops remarkably, we deliver reliable products to the world.
Located in the Vin Roc Industrial Park where various production bases in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam gather. Supplies products that promise "safety and security" in an integrated system from design to manufacturing to the global market. We are also manufacturing products such as field of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, mainly in the food field.
Atom Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
Supporting business in Malaysia which is the entrance of the Islamic market.
Established ATOM as the third Asia manufacturing and sales base in Selangor State, Malaysia. Since we can carry out from requested package manufacturing to logistics and sales in a consistent system, we have many transactions with major manufacturers, especially boasting an overwhelming share in flexible packaging of detergent.
Dream Web System
Dream Web System operates a shopping website that sells cosmetics, supplements and so on.
In the web shopping site "Nadesico no Mori", products such as beauty items and supplements are sold. Handles miscellaneous goods and household appliances that color day-to-day living, selling more than 10,000 items. We always have higher quality products than consumers demand.
Mugensha Co., Ltd.
Based on the theme of "beauty and health",
wholesale products to meet women's needs.

Mugensha develops comprehensive wholesale business of hair care products for perfume salon and health & beauty care products, offering better products to major retailers and drug stores. We are also pursuing customer satisfaction with the best product proposal while also looking at future trends of inbound needs.
Branding Co., Ltd.
In accordance with the growing health consciousness, we develop restaurant with the theme of plum wine.