The advantage of MeiwaPax Group

We can provide optimal solutions to meet the needs of customers with our flexible system.

Customer requests span the whole gamut. So, we have developed many technologies that had never existed before. All of this is possible because of the advantages of being a group of companies. For example, we can technically collaborate with group companies, each of which has original and innovative technologies in their field of specialty.
For orders by customers, we establish project groups depending on the contents, which enable most appropriate response. To provide best solutions to customers, dedicated staff craft detailed plans that combine the strengths of group companies from R&D to production.

Planning meeting
Planning meeting
World’s only continuous vacuum metallizing machine
World’s only continuous vacuum metallizing machine
Blown film extruder
Blown film extruder

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From customers to group companies

・Market research(In and outside of Japan)
・Sales activities Publicity activities(PR, tradeshows, etc.)
Intake of orders
  • ・Confirmation of orders
  • ・Identification and analysis of current situation
  • ・Planning meeting
  • ・Staffing
Optimal planning, development and engineering of production systems

To further specialized production systems

Product design and development
One-stop product development led by group companies

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